Good Neighbrs - 10/5



The other day I had the incredible pleasure to come onto Good Neighbr's 10th live stream on If you haven't heard of Good Neighbr then today is your lucky day. They are a unique collective of artistic, musical, and creative people who welcome folk of the like to join in on sharing and showcasing their talents with each other. It is always important - especially now - to create spaces for creativity and inclusivity. I am honored to have been welcomed onto their show last week to chat about music, politics, beer, dogs, and even play a few acoustic tunes. Nicholas, Victoria, and Gabriella were spectacular hosts who sparkled in person and over the airwaves.  I can't wait to do more with this awesome group in Brooklyn! 

If you missed it live, you can listen here! And go follow Good Neighbr on instagram @goodneighbr (no o), and their site

"Bad Boys"


Although the title may allude it, this is not a love song. Its about being a tough chick in a weird-to-navigate patriarchal world. About standing your ground in a system that only allows you to be tough in a "man's way", in order to be taken seriously. We roll with the bad boys to be successful in this world, but struggle to preserve an identity true to onesself.